Welcome to Kat’s Epic Trail Bites:  Alaska’s Premier Energy Snack.  

Finding the perfect snack isn’t easy for those who expect a lot from their food.  At Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the joy of eating for the performance of your snack. Each flavor of our fresh and chewy Trail Bite Cookies has the nutrition of a small balanced meal, to give you hours of natural energy.  These wholesome treats are perfect for day hikes, road trips, or just that busy day in the office when you didn’t have time to grab lunch.  They pair well with coffee, just like a regular cookie—but without the junk food blues!  (Even kids feel like they’re getting a treat!) Stock up today on your favorite flavors, and enjoy a bulk discount, at our brand new retail outlet and coffee shop on 1120 Huffman Rd, Unit 14.  Or enjoy a pack at one of the seventy-five or so coffee shops that offer them, in the Anchorage area and beyond.