About the Bites

“Trail Bites are a line of fruit-sweetened cookies that are high in protein (whey), and balanced with healthy fats—for sustained natural energy.  They are fresh and chewy, and baked on location in our dedicated gluten free facility.”

Shelf Life

Freezer: about 2 months.  Fridge: about 10 days.  Room temperature: about 1 to possibly 3 days, but not recommended for more than 1 day.  It’s best to store bulk-purchased Trail Bites in your freezer, as they thaw quickly and can even be eat par-frozen (perfect for outdoor winter sports)


“My name is Kat Hubble, and I developed Trail Bites because I used to have low blood sugar and delicate health.  I got tired of packing 5 containers of Tupperware with me any time I left the house, just to have the healthy food that I needed.  I was looking for a portable energy snack, that would not be made of ingredients that I would feel bad about consuming on a regular basis.  Starting with a basic cookie recipe, I began swapping junk-food ingredients with comparable healthy replacements.  (I make a concession for chocolate. Can I get a witness?)  For years, I had just one basic flavor.  But as we all know, it’s important to have rotation in our diet…so now I’m up to about 45.  

 Because of my past low blood sugar and other medical conditions, I personally feel empathy for people who go hungry, in my case, because nothing is available that is good for them to eat.  My company, Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, came out of a conviction that I had been given a gift—something that has real power to impact people’s lives positively—and that I am therefore responsible to share it.  So that is my mission: to share this gift of Trail Bites with whomever they may benefit.  Following the “Golden Rule,” I like to say, “Feed unto others as I would have them feed unto me.”